Magnolia Avenue Engagement Session

March 30, 2021


Autumn and James’ Magnolia Avenue engagement session was a last minute decision but a great one!

When Autumn and James initially reached out to me, we were planning to shoot their session at the Castillo de San Marcos, where they got engaged! I loved the idea! But the day of their session, I arrived early and found about 200 hundred people milling around the fort. So, a change of plans was necessary. I mentioned Magnolia Avenue to Autumn and she was game- I am so glad she was! Their Magnolia Avenue engagement session has quickly become one of my favorites!

Magnolia Avenue is a prime location in St. Augustine because of its obvious beauty and southern charm. So if you’re planning a session there, be prepared for a lot of traffic and the occasional pedestrian. It’s totally worth it, though!

James and Autumn arrived to their session with smiles on their faces, which always makes for a great start to a session.
They are totally adorable and just fit each other perfectly. I’m used to loosely posing my couples, but I never felt like I had to with these two! They just naturally fell into place and I was just there to capture their sweetness.

I asked James if he’d mind twirling Autumn around a few times just to ‘test it out’… SO CUTE. It was totally worth asking him just to see the smile on his face while he twirled her.

These two cuties are making things official next February and I am so dang happy for them!

Couple hugging under magnolia tree
Bride and groom dancing on Magnolia Avenue
bride and groom at Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine
Couple walking during Magnolia Avenue engagement session
Couple smiling during Magnolia Avenue engagement session
Couple with engagement ring in St. Augustine
bride and groom kissing under magnolia tree
Couple kissing at Fountain of Youth in St. Augustine
couple on Magnolia Avenue
Bride and groom during Magnolia Avenue Engagement Session
Bride smiling under magnolia tree
Couple under oak tree in St. Augustine
Bride and groom holding engagement ring on Magnolia Avenue
Couple kissing on Magnolia Avenue
Couple cuddling under oak tree with spanish moss

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