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Do I Need a Bouquet for My Engagement Session?

colorado elopement bridal bouquet
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You might be wondering ‘Do I need a bouquet for my engagement session?’.. My answer is YES! Keep on reading for all the reasons you should include a bouquet in your session!

I used to think bouquets were just a pretty thing to have during an engagement session, but it didn’t take me long to realize how many benefits there really is to having a bouquet at an engagement session.
So if you ask me ‘Do I need a bouquet for my engagement session?‘, I will always, always say YES!

The most obvious reason for having a bouquet in your session is because flowers are pretty. Plain and simple. They add color, texture, and depth to any image, adding to the visual interest- and that’s always a good thing!

One thing every couple will struggle with at some point or another during their session is knowing what to do with their hands.. It happens to everyone and it’s totally normal. I will of course help you with that, but bouquets can fix this, too!

I will always help my couples with posing- I give light direction on where to place hands, which direction to face- all that good stuff. But when my brides have a bouquet in hand, they’re generally more comfortable because they know what to do with their hands- HOLD THE BOUQUET. 🤣 It completely takes the guesswork out, which really helps them automatically feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

colorado bridal bouquet

One of the best reasons to include a bouquet in your engagement session is getting some practice in before the big day.
Engagement sessions are the best way to prepare for your wedding day portraits, so why not squeeze in a little practice holding your bouquet?

One of the main reasons I encourage my brides to get a bouquet for their session is so they have the chance to get familiar with their florist before their wedding day. Some brides like to get their wedding bouquet for their engagement session so they know exactly what it will look like before the big day. Others get something completely different than their wedding bouquet, just for fun.
Bouquets are generally heavier than any bride expects them to be, so it’s also important to get comfy with that extra weight in your hand during your session. This way, you’ll look (and feel!) like a total pro when your wedding day portraits roll around!

I have many favorite Colorado florists, depending on where in Colorado you’re having your session or wedding. Send me a message and I’d be happy to help you find the perfect florist for you!

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