St. Augustine Engagement Session

March 25, 2021


Dalton and Veronica’s St. Augustine engagement session was so much fun! We spent the evening perusing America’s oldest fort, the Castillo de San Marcos, and explored the bay front all while battling hundreds of people who were in town to enjoy the popular Nights of Lights!

Dalton and Veronica both attend Flagler College so it only made sense to shoot their engagement session in the same town where they met! And lucky for them, St. Augustine just happens to be one of the most beautiful cities in the country. With its historic charm and stunning views, it makes the perfect backdrop for any love story.

Speaking of love stories, Dalton and Veronica’s is a pretty sweet one, if you ask me. They began as just friends, but in time they would realize that they were destined to be husband and wife.

Veronica casually introduced herself to Dalton while at school, they began spending more time together, to study Statistics, but their study sessions turned into long lunches, movie adventures, and so much more. 
On an evening out to celebrate two years of romance and three years of friendship, Dalton proposed to Veronica, and the rest is history. 

During their session, it was pretty obvious that these two were meant to be together and they clearly make each other unbelievably happy. 

I got to witness their playfulness, their humor, and their love for each other. Oh, and maybe a tiny bit of sarcasm from Dalton. But just a tiny bit… 🤣

I loved photographing this sweet St. Augustine engagement session, though I have to say, Veronica and Dalton made my job really easy! They’re so comfortable together and they made it all look so effortless. 

These two lovebirds chose The White Room for their wedding venue, which is another historic St. Augustine landmark. I couldn’t be more excited for Dalton and Veronica’s special day! 

February 27th 2022 is going to be AMAZING! 

bride smiling during st. augustine engagement session
couple kissing at Castillo de san Marcos
couple smiling at castillo de san marcos
couple kissing during st. augustine engagement session
couple sitting on st. augustine bay front
bride wearing hat
couple smiling on bay front
couple walking at castillo de san marcos
couple kissing at st. augustine fort
couple playing at st. augustine fort
groom holding bride at castillo de san marcos
couple smiling in st. augustine florida
couple walking at nights of lights
castillo de san marcos engagement session
the white room st. augustine florida
engagement session nights of lights st. augustine florida

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