Franktown Colorado Engagement Session

January 4, 2018


Daniel and Hannah are quite possibly the cutest couple ever. I think they proved this during their Franktown Colorado Engagement Session!

I was so excited when I arrived to meet Hannah and Daniel for their Franktown Colorado Engagement Session! We spent a very chilly evening together on their 300+ acre ranch and it was sooooo gorgeous!

Daniel and Hannah walked me around their property, sharing the history of the ranch and all the things they love about it. The property was originally Hannah’s grandmother’s- I LOVED hearing Hannah tell about her granfmother’s experience on the land.
Hannah and Daniel live in her Grandmother’s original home, which is full of history and just happens to be adorable!

A highlight of my time on the ranch was meeting the horses. They were basically the stars of the show, which you’ll see below! 🙂 Daniel and Hannah’s horses are their precious babies, so I made sure we spent time with them and made them a priority for the engagement session.

We trapsed all over the property, making sure that we included all of their fave locations into the session. It’s so special when I get to spend time with my couples on a property that is so special to them. It just adds that extra something special to our time together.

The most special spot on their property is under a big tree near a small creek. It’s magical, and it will be the very spot that they will say their vows. Daniel is planning to build an arbor especially for their wedding day. Talk about a handy man!

Needless to say, I cannot wait to photograph their wedding day in May, which I know is going to be beautiful! Woohoo!!!

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