Loveland Colorado Couple’s Session

June 24, 2017


I loved everything about this Loveland Colorado couple’s session!

Michael and Natalie are one of those couples that just have ‘it’. They are so in love and happy, even after having been married for years and three kiddos!
I had been acquainted with them through church where Michael pastored and Natalie lead music worship, but I never really had the opportunity to spend time with them until we met for their Loveland Colorado couple’s session.

It’s always a fun change to work with couples who have been married for a while versus engaged couples. The dynamics can be so different, and I truly love observing the changes in interaction with married and engaged couples.
These two are so comfortable with eachother, which made it almost too easy for me to photograph them! I don’t think I ever had to direct them on how to postion themselves or what to do with their hands (which were always on one another anyway! 🙂

Michael is totally smitten with his wife, and he should be! Michael calls her a total ‘smokeshow’, which I just freakin’ love! Husbands in love with their wives are just the very best thing ever.

Natalie is an amazing singer. Her voice is WOW. If you want to be moved and inspired today, list here! You can find all of her amazing music on Spotify, and trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

This session was a mix of digital and film. The film portion was shot on my Mamiya 645 on Fuji 400h, which was developed and scanned by the awesome folks at The Find Lab.

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