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What’s the Cost to Elope in Colorado?

cost of eloping in breckenridge Colorado

The main question everyone asks when planning their elopement is “What is this going to cost me?”. The truth is, it’s really up to you. I’ve photographed several Colorado elopements and none of them were identical. The cost of a Colorado elopement can vary drastically, so let’s dive in and I’ll share my thoughts on the subject

Anytime I’m preparing to make a purchase, I always ask myself “How much is this going to cost me?”. Not because I don’t want to spend money, but because I like to be prepared. I like to know what to expect.
And I know it’s the very same for anyone planning a Colorado elopement. The most common question I hear is “What does it cost to elope in Colorado?”.

Fortunately, the cost can and will vary. It just depends what you want to include in your elopement day and what you will leave out.
That is the beauty of eloping!

Colorado elopements are inherently more cost effective than traditional wedding days, for many reasons. Mainly, you’re not renting a venue for $15,000 and you’re not paying a caterer to feed and serve 175 guests. You’ve already saved so much money! SCORE.

Elopements (or intimate weddings) usually include just the couple or maybe 30 people in attendance, and you don’t need a venue for this. Colorado’s views are the perfect ‘venue’. Depending on where you tie the knot, you may spend nothing on the location, or you may spend $250 to get married in one of Rocky Mountain National Park’s epic locations.

Another option (and quite a popular one!) are AirBnb’s. I can’t count how many Colorado elopements I’ve helped plan and photograph that took place at an AirBnB.
These are a wonderful option because you have the freedom to scroll until you find a space that speaks to you. Many listings will show indoor and outdoor images, which makes it so much easier to find the perfect spot.

Another benefit to renting an AirBnB is you can find a location large enough to house yourself and your guests, or you can make it your honeymoon getaway for the week! The options are endless, and it really just depends on what you want to spend.

When I was planning my intimate wedding, I made a list of the details that were most important to me.
My advice, you should do the same.

1. What is the main reason we have chosen to elope?

Don’t lose sight of your WHY in this process. It is super important to keep your focus on why you’ve chosen to elope in the first place.

2. Where do we want to elope?

Colorado is full of location options because Colorado is beautiful. However, everyone else knows it’s pretty, too, so you’re probably not the only couple planning an elopement here. Your location is one of the most important factors because it will determine where you’ll be staying during your elopement day, and if you’re including any vendors, they’ll need to be in the area, too.

Potential Location Cost (open space permit to AirBnB for a week): $50- $3,000

3. Do we want flowers?

Bouquets and boutonnieres have a way of making special occasions really special. Flowers are one thing I always encourage my couples to include on their elopement day because they add an element of formality to the day, but in the best way possible. They always add that ‘something special’ to the wedding photos, and honestly, flowers just make people happy- amiright?

I know of several awesome florists in Colorado, so finding a recommendation won’t be hard!
Sidenote: I also design bouquets and bouts, too! Here’s a few of my favorites that I’ve designed! I’d be honored to design yours!

Most Florists Bouquets Cost: $250-$450

cost of eloping in colorado

4. Do we want to elope or do we want to plan a super intimate wedding with our closest family and friends?

Some couples love the idea of escaping to the mountains with their fiance and doing things on a small scale but they don’t love the idea of leaving their family out. And that’s ok! Remember, your day is exactly that: YOUR DAY. You can do whatever you want. So if you prefer to include 20 of your favorite humans on your elopement day, go for it! I guarantee it will still be super private and intimate.

5. What should we wear?

This is where your personalities will shine the brightest: wardrobe. This part of your day is probably one of the most unique-to-you bits of the day. You can go all out or keep it simple with a dress from BHLDN (a personal fave!). The guys can still rock a suit from Michael Kors or keep it casual with the suspender look. It’s totally up to you!

BHLDN Dress Cost: $250-$2,500

How much do we want to spend on our Colorado elopement?

Read over the questions above together and decide what is most important to you. It’s important that you decide on a budget together and continue to plan together.

The majority of my couples prioritize photography first, because generally it’s just them on their elopement day. They want someone to capture the day from beginning to end with quality photos, so this is usually #1 on their list.
If you have found a photographer that you absolutely have to have on your day, I would suggest booking as far in advance as you can. Couples planning traditional wedding days with 175 guests will be booking anywhere between 12-18 months in advance, so if you have your eye on a particular vendor, book them early!

I hope I’ve helped provide a little more insight on what it costs to elope in Colorado! While I can’t give you an exact number, because every elopement is unique, I can tell you that what you spend is ultimately up to you!

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